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“No matter the size of the project, we will meet your specific taste and needs.”

Visit one of our four Illinois locations: Aviston, New Baden, Highland, and Carlyle.

Our History

Aviston Lumber Co. was co-founded in 1947 by J.B. “Jack” Heimann and his nephew, Paul W. Netemeyer.

Heimann and Netemeyer discovered that by prefabricating farm buildings and pre-engineering roof trusses, they could reduce costs and save their clients money. This realization is what makes Aviston Lumber Co. an industry leader, as prefabrication is now standard.

Currently, Aviston Lumber Co. provides design, building materials, cabinets, doors, hardware, insulation, lumber, millwork, paint and plumbing materials. The company’s bold “roof truss” logo can be spotted on over 20 trucks today. This mobile fleet is just a small part of the many pieces of equipment needed to drive the busy day-to-day operations.

The co-founder’s son, and current president, Maurice E. Netemeyer, has kept the fine Aviston Lumber Co. tradition alive by continually working towards growth and innovation. Maurice strives to provide excellent service to both retail customers and professional contractors.

Our Team

Meet our managers who strive to provide the best service to all customers.


Maurice Netemeyer

Director of Purchasing

Steve Prusa

Director of Design/Estimating

Mark Martens

Manager, Aviston

Jeff Kohlbrecher

Manager, Highland

Brandon Weathers

Manager, Carlyle

Daryl Reynolds

Manager, New Baden

Kevin Dall